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Energy office: Hungarian households get best energy price deal in November

Hungarian households continued to enjoy some of the cheapest energy in Europe in November, based on an international price comparison by Hungary's energy office (MEKH) and Energie-Control Austria.

Whereas household electricity increased by 12 percent in London, 11 percent in Paris, and 10 percent in Prague compared with the previous month, and the retail price of natural gas in Berlin rose by 27 percent and in London by 25 percent, Hungarians’ electricity costs did not rise in November, while gas was the cheapest within the government’s price-cap system, MEKH said in a statement on Tuesday.

Hungarian households paid the second lowest electricity bills after Belgrade at 9.06 euro cents per kilowatt hour based on average consumption below which the cap applies.

Natural gas based on average consumption cost 2.49 euro cents per kilowatt hour in November. In the case of electricity and natural gas, consumers also paid some of the lowest prices in Europe above threshold of the price cap, the energy office added.

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