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Energy ministry: Solar energy capacity up at 5,600 MW in 2023

The capacity of Hungary's solar energy producers has grown by more than 50 percent, or 1,632 MW, to over 5,600 MW in 2023, the energy ministry said on Thursday.

The robust growth means that the capacity originally targeted for 2030 could be available this year already, the statement said. The new target for 2030 is 12 GW, it said.

Of the 5,649 MW capacity fed into the system in 2023, 3,332 came from industrial plants and 2,317 MW from households, the statement said. “Not only does the 2023 growth exceed data from all recorded years so far, but also shows that more solar plants were set up than in the years leading up to 2020 altogether,” the statement said.

The number of household solar panels has already exceeded the number forecast for 2030 by 25 percent, it said.

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