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Energy ministry releases revised national energy, climate plan

Hungary's National Energy and Climate Plan (NEKT) is being adapted in view of the changing international environment, including measures to significantly reduce emissions and increase the ratio of renewables in the national energy mix, the energy ministry said on Friday.

The revised plan is aimed primarily at reducing Hungary’s dependence from imports while moving the country closer to achieving its goals in climate neutrality and sustainability, the ministry said in a statement.

Under the revised plan, Hungary would cut gross greenhouse gas emissions by at least 50 percent by 2030. The ratio of renewable resources would be raised to 29 percent from 21 percent, and that of solar energy to 12 gigawatts .

The ministry noted in the statement that investments related to measures contained in the revised NEKT would

cost a total 4,000 billion forints (EUR 10.8bn).

The ministry has drafted the revised plan after several rounds of consultations with industry players and civil organisations over the past two months.

Under EU regulations, member states must submit their revised national energy and climate plans by June 30 in 2024.

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