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Energy minister: ‘Over-cap’ gas, electricity prices to remain the same

The government is not planning to raise the retail prices of gas and electricity for amounts over the average consumption, Energy Minister Csaba Lantos announced on Thursday.

Household utility prices, up to average consumption, have been capped under a government programme in an effort to “protect Hungarian families from sanctions-related surcharges”, the ministry quoted Lantos as saying.

According to the statement, Hungarian households will “continue to buy natural gas at the cheapest price and electricity the second cheapest in Europe”. Keeping the “over-cap” prices level, the government will ensure that “the overall burden on some 6 million consumers will not increase,” the statement said.

“The government will continue to do everything to maintain its programme, launched 10 years ago, to reduce the price of utilities,” the statement said. It noted that systems fees, to be paid on top of consumption, would not be raised in January, either.

The statement also added that Hungary’s recently established energy ministry was to guarantee affordable prices and stable services to consumers.

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