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Energy authority: Hungary household energy bills still lowest in broad European comparison

Hungarian household energy bills in April were the lowest in a broad comparison of European cities, according to the Hungarian Energy and Public Utility Regulatory Authority (MEKH).

The authority found that out of 24 EU capital cities plus Belgrade household gas was cheapest in in Budapest, costing 2.79 eurocent/kWh. The average price of natural gas in the 24 cities was 12.69 eurocent/kWh, over four times the Hungarian price, MEKH said.

Meanwhile, in its comparison of household electricity prices in 27 European cities, prices in Budapest were the second cheapest after Belgrade, at 10.32 eurocent/kWh. The average price paid in the cities surveyed was 27.48 eurocent/kWh, 60 percent more than in Hungary, the authority said.


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