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Election committee registers three additional national party lists

Hungary's National Election Committee (NVB) registered three national party lists for the April 3 general election at a meeting on Saturday, after the 4pm submission deadline.

The NVB registered the national list of the DK-Jobbik-Momentum-MSZP-LMP-Parbeszed united opposition parties and the allied ruling Fidesz and Christian Democrats (KDNP), each comprising 279 candidates, and the Two-tailed Dog Party with 58 candidates.

Under Hungary’s election rules, only parties that field at least 71 candidates in at least 14 counties and the capital can put together a national list. Parties may nominate a maximum of three times as many candidates on their national lists as the number of parliamentary seats that can be won from the votes cast for national lists, which is 93.

The committee already registered the national list of the Mi Hazank Movement on Wednesday and is set to take a decision on the lists of the Solution Movement (MEMO), the Party for Normal Life and Our Party – IMA at its meeting scheduled for Sunday.

Hungarian voters will elect a 199-member parliament on April 3.

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