The design plans for the student quarter – Photo: BFK

Election committee approves signatures for Fudan, jobseeker’s allowance referendum bids

The referendum initiatives on the Budapest campus of China's Fudan University and the extension of the jobseekers' allowance have each garnered the required minimum 200,000 valid signatures, the National Election Committee (NVB) confirmed on Wednesday.

The referendum initiatives were submitted by Budapest Mayor Gergely Karacsony as a private individual.

The referendum questions are aimed at preventing a campus of Fudan University being built in Budapest and call for extending the jobseekers’ allowance to 270 days.

At least 200,526 valid supporting signatures were submitted for the referendum bid on the Fudan University campus, while at least 200,555 signatures were submitted for the one on the jobseekers’ allowance, the NVB said.

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