David Vitezy – Photo: Facebook

Election 2024 – Vitezy vows to request recount of votes

David Vitezy, the runner-up in the recent election for Budapest mayor, has said his team will submit a request to recount the votes before the Thursday appeal deadline.

Vitezy, supported by LMP-Greens and the With Vitezy for Budapest association, garnered 47.49 percent (371,143 votes), while Gergely Karacsony, the incumbent mayor, had 47.53 percent (371,467 votes).

Vitezy said on Facebook that the number of invalid votes were “76 times as much as the difference” between his votes and those cast for Karacsony. He insisted it was a “democratic minimum” to complete a recount, insisting that reports in connection with the handling the invalid votes had been systematically thwarted. He added that his team would provide evidence.

Vitezy said he would accept the authorities’ decision “whatever the outcome”, adding that if Karacsony’s win were to be officially confirmed, he would congratulate him.

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