David Vitezy – Photo: Facebook

Election 2024 – Vitezy encourages voters to cast ballot

Budapest mayoral candidate David Vitezy has encouraged voters to cast their ballot in Hungary's European Parliament and municipal elections "especially if they think that Budapest calls for change".

Before casting his vote, Vitezy said he was “hopeful” as to the upcoming results but declined to make guesses. “In Budapest we need to leave the fightings of recent years behind and switch to a city management based on professionalism,” he said.

Vitezy, supported by opposition LMP and the With David Vitezy for Budapest Association, said his election campaign had been successful, adding that major topics in his programme included improving law enforcement in public transport, developments on the outskirts of Budapest and improvements in hospitals. He added that “a mayor that can effectively promote the interests of locals” was what the city needed.

Vitezy said his position had not changed after Alexandra Szentkiralyi, the ruling parties’ candidate for the post, withdrew from the race, and excluded the possibility of “forming an alliance either with Fidesz or the Democratic Coalition”. He said he was prepared to lead the city professionally and would “oppose the government over any matter that could harm the interests of residents, whether it is the maxi-Dubai project or plans to construct a Chinese overhead railway line.”

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