Peter Szijjarto - Photo: MTI

Election 2024 – Szijjarto first to vote in Dunakeszi

Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto was the first voter to cast his ballot in Hungary's European parliamentary and municipal elections in Dunakeszi, north of Budapest, after polls opened at 6am on Sunday morning, the foreign ministry told MTI.

On arriving at the polls, Szijjarto said the vote would have “historic significance and historic stakes”. In its statement, the ministry quoted him as saying “today’s vote will largely determine if in the near future Europe is engulfed in the flames of war or we’ll again be a continent of peace.”

“Those that vote for Fidesz will vote for peace … and contribute to preventing the war in the neighbourhood from spreading and preventing Hungary from becoming another victim of the war,” Szijjarto said. “Hungary has already paid a huge price for a war Hungarians have nothing to do with,” he added.

“It is time to make it clear once and for all that we do not want war, we do not want to live in war and we do not want Europe to be grippled in a war in the years to come,” the minister said.

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