Zsolt Semjen – Photo: MTI

Election 2024 – Semjen: KDNP to leave EPP if Tisza party joins

Should the Respect and Freedom (Tisza) party enter the European People's Party or its leader, Peter Magyar, sit in the EPP group in the European Parliament, the junior ruling Christian Democrats (KDNP) will leave the party family, KDNP leader Zsolt Semjen said on Friday.

Semjen and KDNP MEP Gyorgy Holvenyi has had talks with EPP leader Manfred Weber, and told a press conference afterwards that the talks “have been honest and fair, and touched on many issues”.

Semjen and Holvenyi had made it clear that “Peter Magyar is unacceptable for KDNP, and the party cannot accept him being admitted to the parliamentary group, or his Tisza party to the party family.”


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