Prime Minister Viktor Orbán - Photo: MTI

Election 2024 – Orbán: ‘We have won two elections’

Hungary held two elections on Sunday, and "we have won both", Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said early on Monday, at the ballot-watching event of the ruling Fidesz-Christian Democrat parties.

Turnout was around 57 percent at the EP and local elections on Sunday, “another nice record”, Orbán said. “Democracy is alive and well, thank you,” he added.

“Additionally, we have won important victories in a war situation, amid hard battles,” he said.

Orbán also congratulated Romania’s ethnic Hungarian RMDSZ party for reaching the 5 percent European parliamentary threshold “in a deadly fight”.

The people of Hungary “have sent a clear message that they want peace”, Orbán said, reacting to the results of the European parliamentary election.

Orbán said the election result reinforced the government’s pro-peace policy, vowing that the government would use the mandate given to it by voters to “redouble its efforts to keep Hungary out of the war”.

“To sum up the results of the European parliamentary election, we can send a telegram to Brussels that reads ‘Migration stop, gender stop, war stop, Soros stop, Brussels stop,'” Orbán said.

Meanwhile, referring to the opposition Momentum Movement’s 2017 campaign to hold a Budapest referendum on hosting the Olympics, Orbán said: “God has a sense of humour, because it is in the year of the Paris Olympics that He wrote Momentum out of Hungarian history.

Orbán said that in the Sunday elections, Hungarians had shown they would punish those “working against their homeland in Brussels”. Orbán thanked activists of the ruling parties for their “fantastic work” during the campaign and the local and EP elections on Sunday. Referring to a Fidesz campaign event, he said: “Saturday, the day of one million meetings, will remain a record for a while – maybe only for two years.” The Hungarian general election will be held in 2026.

He said Fidesz-KDNP had defeated “the old and the new opposition, and we will defeat them again and again, no matter what they are called”.

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