David Vitezy – Photo: Facebook

Election 2024: Karacsony pledges improved living standards, Vitezy promises developments instead of party politics

Budapest Mayor Gergely Karacsony, the mayoral candidate of opposition Parbeszed-Greens-DK-MSZP, said late on Friday that his main goal was to improve living standards for Budapest residents, while David Vitezy, the mayoral candidate of opposition LMP and the With David Vitezy Association for Budapest, said Budapest needed developments rather than being used as a battleground for party politics.

A debate of mayoral candidates held on the Partizan Youtube channel was not attended by Alexandra Szentkiralyi, the ruling parties’ candidate.

Karacsony said he was a politician open to green, left-wing, liberal values, as well as conservative values, adding that Budapest and Hungary should become greener and more equal. He said a starting point for his measures as mayor was the human desire to live a fuller, healthier and longer life.

Vitezy said he was not a party politician, adding that his programme offered an opportunity to replace the party politics that dominated Budapest. He criticised Karacsony for failing to fulfil his election promises, and using his position as mayor for advancing his own political goals.

Karacsony said that the coronavirus pandemic, the energy crisis and government austerity measures in recent year had taken 365 billion forints from city coffers. He said that despite the poor condition of roads, the public transport system in Budapest had developed dynamically, and he called the rollout of a combined public transport pass “of historic importance”.

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