Andras Grundtner - Photo: MTI

Election 2024 – Grundtner: Our Homeland ‘only patriotic force’

The Our Homeland Movement is "the only force representing the patriotic side", Andras Grundtner, the party's candidate for Budapest mayor, said after casting his ballot in the European parliamentary and municipal elections on Sunday.

Grundtner called his party’s election campaign successful “despite an uneven fight: while the two large camps spent billions of forints, Our Homeland had a couple million forints for the campaign.”

After the withdrawal of Alexandra Szentkiralyi, the ruling parties’ candidate, “many will vote for Our Homeland instead, because they would not vote for a left-liberal force,” he said.

He encouraged voters to support Our Homeland “to ensure that Budapest stays the capital of the nation”.

Our Homeland leader Laszlo Toroczkai said in his native Asotthalom, in southern Hungary, that his party would “promote only Hungarian interests” in the European Parliament. He added that he saw “only two ways: political forces serving globalist interests in the EP and Our Homeland promoting Hungarian interests in Europe.”

He said it was crucial “to reject the war frenzy of European politicians”. “Our Homeland supports peace not only through words but through deeds,” he added.

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