Anna Donath - Photo: MTI

Election 2024 – Donath expects strong showing from Momentum

Anna Donath, leader and top MEP candidate of the opposition Momentum Movement, said after polls closed on Sunday that she was optimistic about her party's chances.

Donath told reporters at Momentum’s ballot-watch that she was proud of how the party’s members had worked over the past weeks.

She said Momentum’s number-one goal was to “restore liberal democracy” in Hungary, adding that elections were “a celebration of democracy”.

Donath said she was no longer focusing on polling data because what mattered was how many people had voted.

She said she was “very optimistic”, pointing out that in recent weeks she had received “a tremendous amount of responses” from places where she had not in the past.

Commenting on the turnout, Donath said the Momentum Movement and other parties had been successful in mobilising their voters.

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