Olga Kalman - Photo: MTI

Election 2024 – DK spox: Election ‘celebration of democracy’

When voters consider politics "not as some kind of gentleman's pastime" but as a series of decisions about day-to-day life, and opt for whom give power to, "this is a celebratory moment for democracy", Olga Kalman, the spokeswoman of the leftist Democratic Coalition's parliamentary group, told a press conference on Sunday.

Speaking at the party’s ballot-watching event, Kalman said “guesswork” was futile as to the results of the elections.

Asked whether DK was ready to cooperate with Peter Magyar’s Respect and Freedom (Tisza) party, Kalman said that while the campaign had seen no closing of the gap between the parties, joint causes between earlier competitors were possible “once the parties are no longer in campaign mode”.

Kalman cited DK list-leader Klara Dobrev as saying that toppling Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s regime should be a joint responsibility of the opposition parties. “DK sees anyone who works for this as a partner,” she added.

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