Economic development minister demands apology from Ryanair

Marton Nagy, Hungary's economic development minister, is demanding an apology from low-fare carrier Ryanair. Nagy told MTI that the practices "Europe's most profit-hungry airline" allows itself are "unfair and petty".

He said the expectations of Hungary’s government are unchanged: everybody must abide by the rules, everyone must behave in a responsible and fair manner, and, most importantly, nobody should pass on the windfall taxes to consumers.

He noted that a consumer protection probe related to unfair ticket pricing practices is underway.

“If somebody needs to apologise, it’s Ryanair. An apology is in line for the Hungarian families to whom the airline wanted to pass on a tax of the kind that it pays without complaint in other European countries,” Nagy said.

He added that thanks are due to all of the businesses that have made it their responsibility to contribute to managing the economic situation created by the war and acknowledge that “families’ security is more important than a few euros of extra profit”.

“Of course, we understand that provocation is Ryanair’s real aim, because bad publicity is still publicity. The government views this exchange as closed; it will not participate in loudmouthed altercations,” he added.

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