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Economic committee hears candidate for ASZ head

Parliament's economic committee on Monday interviewed Laszlo Windisch, candidate for president of the State Audit Office (ASZ).

In his interview, Windisch said the role of ASZ would become more important “in times of financial and economic difficulties”. In the future “it will be increasingly important that state spending is not only legitimate but successful and effective, too”, he said.

“I want to build a modern, professional, central watch-dog and consultant organisation,” he said, adding that he would focus on forming “competency centres” within ASZ with the best experts and “outstanding” salaries.

Windisch said he supported deregulation and added that a number of areas were “highly overregulated with a small number of deviancies prevented through too many rules”. He said he wanted “fewer but more thorough” probes.

Answering a question, Windisch said ASZ would look into the system of overseeing civil organisations, adding that ASZ would strive for partnership with such groups.

The candidate is currently deputy leader of the Central Statistical Office.

The committee supported Windisch’s candidacy with 12 votes in favour and 3 against.

If elected by parliament later in the day, Windisch will fill the post for 12 years.


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