Dora Duro – Photo: Facebook

Duro: Mi Hazank ‘third way’

Hungary's radical nationalist Mi Hazank party offers a "third option" apart from ruling Fidesz and the leftist parties "now united under [Democratic Coalition leader] Ferenc Gyurcsany", Dora Duro, deputy leader of Mi Hazank, said on Monday.

Mi Hazank rejects both “nepotic” Fidesz and the “left-liberal bloc” and will run candidates in all 106 constituencies of the country, Duro said.

Duro accused Jobbik, Momentum, and LMP of “giving up their opposition to the policies of the past 30 years” and insisted that “they are working to help to power” ex-PM Gyurcsany, whom they “would have earlier banned from politics”. Conservative Jobbik “now considers Gyurcsany a brother-in-arms rather than a traitor”, while LMP is “at peace with Gyurcsany, who would lie in the morning, in the evening, and at night”.

Mi Hazank seeks to eliminate the immunity of members of parliament, it would make voting rights conditional on literacy, promote segregation at school and would reintroduce mandatory military service.

Mi Hazank would also call a referendum on Hungary’s EU membership in 2030, ban “homosexual propaganda” from schools, levy an asset tax on the rich, eliminate Roma integration programmes and “scrap the Trianon diktat”, she said.

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