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Duro: Mi Hazank doesn’t want to be ‘visceral opposition’

The radical Mi Hazank party will support proposals in parliament that serve the interests of the Hungarian people, and does not want to be a "visceral opposition", Dora Duro, the party's deputy leader, said on Wednesday.

Speaking to public news channel M1, Duro said Mi Hazank saw its crossing of the 5 percent threshold for seats in parliament in the election as “a triumph of the heart, faith, work and being principled”.

Duro said Mi Hazank’s campaign had been at a disadvantage and the party had been hindered in getting its message out. She said the party’s base was partly made up of former Jobbik voters, adding, at the same time, that the party had provided “new answers to a number of 21st-century issues”.

She said that when it came to the pandemic, ruling Fidesz and the opposition left-liberal parties “pursued the same policy of lockdowns and forcing vaccines onto people”. She said Mi Hazank had been the only party to speak out against the stationing of NATO troops in Hungary and was the only one to oppose granting European Union membership to Ukraine unconditionally.

Asked about Mi Hazank’s role as an opposition party, Duro said they would only consider the interests of the country. “We don’t want to be a hysterical and visceral opposition,” she said. Mi Hazank will examine every proposal based on its contents and will support them if they benefit the Hungarian people, she added.

Duro said one urgent task was to thwart a World Health Organization agreement she said could enforce coronavirus vaccine mandates without the consent of national governments. The party also views agriculture as a strategic sector and favours basing the country’s food security on locally grown and produced foods, she said.

Commenting on the united opposition’s and specifically Jobbik’s performance in Sunday’s election, Duro said “people can’t be viewed as mathematical formulas.” Politics is fundamentally about values and strategic issues cannot be bypassed, she argued. Duro said Mi Hazank had been capable of offering such a vision to people, which she said had contributed significantly to the party crossing the parliamentary threshold. The left-wing opposition, on the other hand, made the election a referendum on Prime Minister Viktor Orban “and failed to offer any sort of vision”, Duro said.

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