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Domotor: left wing capable of any ‘grim action’

The left wing's anti-vaccination campaign is "just as unscrupulous as it looks", and if they are capable of endangering people's lives in the midst of a pandemic, then "they are capable of any grim action", state secretary Csaba Domotor said on public radio on Sunday.

Domotor told Kossuth Radio experts agree that any vaccine is better than the coronavirus; regardless, the left wing’s anti-vaccination campaign is underway in more and more places.

The left wing has attacked the vaccine licencing process conducted by Hungarian experts on a number of occasions, it has collected signatures against certain vaccines, and DK leader Ferenc Gyurcsany and various mayors have sent letters to GPs asking them not to use some vaccines, he said.

He added that the same left wing that demanded restrictions be lifted two weeks earlier, is now calling healthcare leaders to account.

Domotor said there were enough hospital beds and ventilators to manage the pandemic, but restrictions must remain in place to prevent frontline health-care workers from being burdened any further.

He said the vaccination rollout is progressing well.

“We see the light at the end of the tunnel, but we still have a long way to go,” he added.

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