Klara Dobrev (r) and Ferenc Gyurcsany – Photo: MTI

Dobrev: ‘Strong social democratic government’ to unseat Orban’s regime’

A left-wing, social democratic government with a strong, social democratic programme "will unseat Viktor Orbán's regime", Klara Dobrev, the shadow prime minister of the Democratic Coalition, said on Thursday in Debrecen, in eastern Hungary.

At a campaign event held with other opposition leaders in the city centre, Dobrev declared that DK was ready to govern. “There’s no time to wait until 2026, so if we win the European Parliament elections, we will demand an early general election,” she said.

Agnes Kunhalmi, co-leader of the Socialist Party, insisted that cooperation by the three leftist opposition parties would create the strongest left-wing community.

Timea Szabo, executive co-leader of Parbeszed-Greens, said without opposition unity and cooperation there would be no hope of Hungary ever becoming a better place to live in.

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