Klara Dobrev (r) and Ferenc Gyurcsany – Photo: MTI

Dobrev: Social Democrat-Green coalition fulcrum of opposition

The Social Democrat-Green coalition is a fulcrum of the opposition that is present throughout the country, knows how to replace "Viktor Orbán's regime" and "also knows what do afterwards", Klara Dobrev, the leader of the Democratic Coalition-Socialists-Parbeszed-Greens European Parliament list, said at a campaign event in Eger, in northern Hungary, on Monday.

Dobrev insisted that the joint platform the opposition formed in 2022 was scuppered not because of a lack of will for unity but because they had each insisted on their own policies and had allowed the ruling parties drive a wedge between them.

But the Democratic Coalition, the Socialist Party and Parbeszed-Greens “has never once given up the fight against Viktor Orbán and Fidesz in recent years,” she said, adding that their coalition was now so strong that “the Orbán regime cannot be replaced without it”. “Anyone who fails to get this backs the current government,” she added.

“We’re not adventurers or political celebrities, but a solid left-wing force that wants a fair, just, European Hungary…” Dobrev said.

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