Klara Dobrev at the plenary session of the European Parliament

Dobrev: No prosperity, decent living outside EU

Hungarians "know full well" that if Hungary were not a European Union member, their chances of prospering and making a decent living would be negligible, Klara Dobrev, the top-ranked MEP joint candidate for the opposition Democratic Coalition (DK), the Socialists and Parbeszed, told a campaign event in Budapest on Thursday, on the occasion of Europe Day.

Dobrev said there was no question that a “strong and social Europe” would exist in the future, but it was “a big if whether we will be a part of it”.

Europe has recently had to face crises like the pandemic, the Russia-Ukraine war and climate change, and the bloc had responded to each by enhancing cooperation, Dobrev said, vowing that their MEPs would work for “a much stronger, much more unified and more social Europe”.

Dobrev said she believed Hungary was getting “squeezed out” of an increasingly united Europe. She said that though at this point it was up to Hungary whether it would be at the centre or the periphery of the continent, “there will come a time when the decision will be taken out of our hands”.

Outlining her party’s election platform, she said the manifesto called for regulations for a European minimum wage, a European minimum pension, European family allowance and child support, the creation of a so-called European health-care union, a European social climate fund, a home renovation scheme, climate-friendly transport and European labour protection laws.

She said the DK-Socialists-Parbeszed alliance believed that a strong Europe entailed “common security”, a common foreign policy, a joint military and secret service.

Dobrev also underlined their promises concerning the introduction of the euro, joining the European Public Prosecutor’s Office and the taxation of billionaires and multinational corporations.


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