Klara Dobrev at the plenary session of the European Parliament

Dobrev: Hungary has highest inflation, among lowest wages in Europe

Hungary has the highest inflation in Europe, and when it comes to wages, it trails near the bottom, opposition DK's MEP and shadow prime minister Klara Dobrev said on Monday.

Dobrev told a public forum in Szombathely that wages were higher even in neighbouring countries like Slovakia and Romania, which, she insisted, was the fault of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and his government.

She said that over a decade, when European Union funding would have allowed the revamping of all hospitals and schools — making education competitive and bringing wages up to a fair level in order to close the gap with the rest of Europe — the money instead went to the oligarchs of the Orbán government.

The majority of Hungarians still want Hungary to belong to the EU and NATO, and they want a European standard of living, she added.

Dobrev said the reason that Hungarians faced food prices that many of them could not afford and people’s living standards had dropped was not the sanctions and the war but the ill-fated economic policies of the Orbán government.

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