Klara Dobrev (r) and Ferenc Gyurcsany – Photo: MTI

Dobrev: DK to build strong service state based on the rule of law

Opposition Democratic Coalition (DK) MEP Klara Dobrev said on Thursday that her party's programme was to build a strong service state based on the rule of law.

Dobrev told an event presenting the party programme that the rule of law was necessary so that the strong state belonged to all ten million Hungarian citizens, not only those in power.

A state based on the rule of law means that laws and regulations equally apply to everyone, and the rule of law is guaranteed over all individuals and institutions, she said.

She added that a slower legislation process was needed, with enough time left for consultations with the public, civil organisations and experts.

She also said that Hungary currently had no proper constitution, only “something vaguely similar to fundamental law”.

The Fundamental Law should not belong only to the government and the ruling party, it should be “a constitution for all of us”, she added. Dobrev said people should get protection from “excessive state control”, and the government and executive powers should be made accountable. If DK enters power, she promised the introduction of regulations that make it more difficult for the government to keep data secret and introduce laws that the majority of people disagree with.

“Corruption is killing and suffocating” Hungary, she said, adding that “unless we kill corruption in this country, corruption will kill the country”. She called for stronger administration of justice, prosecutor’s office and police, adding that the role of the state also included protecting the weak and it should stand on the side of the people who have less ability of enforce their interests.

She also said that politicians and NGOs should work together as partners, allowing NGOs to control the work of the government.

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