Klara Dobrev at the plenary session of the European Parliament

DK sees itself as a partner and not as a leader of the collaboration, MEP says

Dobrev calls for joint opposition party list, joint candidates in 2022 election

MEP of the opposition Democratic Coalition (DK) Klara Dobrev called for cooperation of the opposition parties in the next election scheduled for 2022 at an online event organised by the party on Sunday.

Dobrev said that now the job of the parties is not to compete with each other but to demonstrate that “after a decade of Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s autocratic rule”, a responsible, pro-European, pro-republican opposition capable of governing the country is born.

She stressed that DK sees itself as a partner and not as a leader of the collaboration. A joint offer must be made to Hungary and a joint programme given to voters, she said. “We need a joint opposition prime ministerial candidate, a joint party list and a joint opposition candidate in all constituencies,” she argued.

Speaking of the coronavirus pandemic, Dobrev said the country is living in anxiety, you cannot make plans even for a few days in advance, everything has become uncertain.

The government is celebrating itself because they feel they managed the first wave of the epidemic in an exemplary way but the government has actually let Hungary down. They spent so much money unnecessarily that the country is facing the largest deficit ever, suffering the worst economic downturn of the last quarter of a century and “we have the highest inflation in the EU”, she said. While the Hungarian government spent the least on protecting jobs and on wage compensation, it spent countless amounts on church foundations, sports investments and hunting exhibitions, she added.

A government that gives nothing to families with children, pensioners and the jobless during a crisis is neither national, nor Christian, Dobrev said.

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