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DK: Weekly 500-700 petrol stations may see fuel shortage

Some 500-700 petrol stations could be without fuel every week despite the fact that there are no significant problems with supplies in the market, the deputy leader of opposition Democratic Coaliton said on Tuesday, citing a report by daily Nepszava.

Laszlo Varju told an online press conference that according to the paper, the reason behind the fuel shortage is that oil companies do not fill up their petrol stations in time because it is not financially viable for them to sell petrol and diesel at the capped prices introduced by the government.

Varju accused ruling Fidesz of being in cahoots with large oil companies, and of pushing down the number of people buying fuel at capped prices by “first capping the amount to be purchased at refuelling, then creating an artificial fuel shortage.”

He called on the government to guarantee that there is sufficient fuel at petrol stations.

Fidesz said in response that “if it was up to [DK leader Ferenc] Gyurcsany and his team, Hungary would have no petrol, no capped prices, no gas, no electricity, not utility fee caps and the country would have been dragged into war”.

The left wing wanted to “strip Hungarians of oil and gas”, and has not voted in support of petrol price caps, the party said in a statement. Hungarians can buy petrol and they get fuel at the lowest price in Europe, the statement added.


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