DK urges EC to block Hungary from using Russian vaccine

The opposition Democratic Coalition (DK) is calling on the European Commission to prevent the Hungarian government from "experimenting" on Hungarians with the Russian Covid vaccine, the party's MEP said at an online press conference on Saturday.

“We will not be the guinea pigs of the Russians or any other power,” Sandor Ronai said, adding that they would not allow an experiment on Hungarian people using an “unknown and risky” vaccine.

“Beyond that the Hungarian testing of the vaccine undermines trust in vaccines,” he said, the Russian vaccine could find its way to other European countries, without any European inspection or licence.

He acknowledged the importance to DK of getting a vaccine as soon as possible, but said more important is that the vaccine should work and be safe.

Ronai said “it is more important for [Prime Minister] Viktor Orb├ín to be in the good graces of dictators than the health of the Hungarians”.

He said it is not only a problem that many participants in the Russian experiments got the coronavirus after they were vaccinated, but that without clinical trials, the side effects of the vaccine are not known.

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