DK to request access to contracts on ventillators, Covid tests

The Democratic Coalition (DK) will submit to Hungarian authorities a request for information of public interest on state contracts covering the purchase, storage and donation of ventillators and the stocks of coronavirus tests "locked away in a warehouse", a board member of the opposition party said on Wednesday.

Olga Kalman told an online press conference that the party had sued earlier the National Hospital Directorate because the authority “could not give account of the whereabouts of some 1.5 million tests”.

“Regarding the issue of ventillators, the government has cheated on Hungarians three times: first by purchasing them overpriced, second by storing them at enormous costs at a company owned by Lorinc Meszaros and third by giving them away as donations,” she said.

DK will do everything in its powers to have access and see for themselves onsite the stocks of the ventillators and tests, Kalman said.

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