Klara Dobrev (r) and Ferenc Gyurcsany – Photo: MTI

DK to launch campaign tour in countryside

The opposition Democratic Coalition (DK) will launch a campaign with its politicians and activists touring the countryside in the autumn, the deputy leader of the party said on Wednesday.

DK’s policy has been focused on the countryside since the general election last year because “that is where elections in Hungary must be won”, Csaba Molnar told an informal talk in Budapest.

Klara Dobrev, DK’s shadow prime minister, will go on a tour beginning on Friday, after an event in Budapest outlining the country’s problems in general, Molnar said. She will then address the various policy areas at her next stops, he added.

In a countrywide campaign helped by 20,000 activists, DK will distribute a booklet printed in one million copies and listing “the 15 big lies the government is telling us” between October 2 and November 19. “We will depict reality with data and charts,” said Molnar.

DK’s politicians will also go on a campaign tour in the country and the party’s parliamentary group will hold their meeting in Vas and Zala counties between October 10-12, he said.

DK plans to run on its own ticket in next year’s European parliamentary elections, but is in contact with other parties over running on a joint list in the 2024 municipal elections in Hungary, Molnar added.

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