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DK to file lawsuit demanding Russian gas contract details

The opposition Democratic Coalition will file a lawsuit with a view to revealing precisely how much Hungary "pays Russia for Europe's most expensive gas", the party's deputy leader and MEP said on Tuesday.

Csaba Molnar told an online press conference that Russian President Vladimir Putin had “cheated” Prime Minister Viktor Orban when he told a joint press conference in Moscow that Hungarians were getting Russian gas for one-fifth of the market price. Molnar added that since the government’s “seven-fold utility fee increase, we know that this is a lie” because, he insisted, Hungarians were paying the steepest price for gas in the whole of the EU.

Molnar said that at the same time it was still unknown exactly how much the government paid and the level of interest for charged for gas sold to Hungarian consumers, he said. When the party demanded data of public interest from the Hungarian energy company MVM and the Hungarian Hydrocarbon Stockpiling Association, one of them refused to make the data available and the other redacted the most important details, including the price of gas, he added.

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