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DK to file criminal complaint on suspicion of misuse of EU funds

The opposition Democratic Coalition (DK) on Wednesday said it is filing a criminal complaint on suspicion of the misuse of European Union funds by the government.

“It can now clearly be proven that the government of Viktor Orbán is the sole reason why EU funds are being withheld from Hungary,” DK MEP Sandor Ronai told an online press conference.

The cabinet is failing to fulfil the EU’s conditions for unlocking funding and failing to stop “billionaires linked to [ruling] Fidesz from stealing EU funds”, Ronai insisted. The government is also refusing to remove “the Fidesz affiliates making millions” from the leadership positions of universities, and is failing to ensure the independence of the judiciary, too, he added.

“The prime minister would rather deprive students hoping to study at foreign universities of their dreams, but won’t suspend the industrial-level theft of EU monies even for a minute,” Ronai said.

Fidesz reacted by saying that the “corrupt Hungarian and Brussels left” were the ones to blame for EU funds being withheld from Hungary.

The left is “swimming in corruption both in Brussels and at home”, the party said in a statement, calling on DK to “come clean” about why businesses affiliated with it had received financial support from the United States.

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