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DK to ask chief public prosecutor, interior minister about oil contamination south of Budapest

The opposition Democratic Coalition will ask the chief public prosecutor and the interior minister about who is responsible for a case of oil contamination in Szigetszentmiklos, south of Budapest, three years ago, the party's shadow minister for environmental protection said on Sunday.

Olivio Kocsis-Cake told a joint press conference with Eva Kocsis, DK’s mayoral candidate for Szigetszentmiklos, that in December 2020 several thousand litres of waste oil had been released in a sub-channel of the River Danube in an area with Natura 2000 environmental protection ranking. As a result, the environment was severely damaged on an area of 1,800 square metres, he added.

Kocsis-Cake said it was “appalling” that nobody was held accountable for the oil contamination while it cost several hundred million forints to clear the area.

The party will ask Chief Public Prosecutor Peter Polt why the culprit had not been found, he said.

Kocsis said the party’s parliamentary group would also ask the interior minister in writing, adding that she was determined to reveal who was responsible in order to prevent that any such act is left without a consequence in the future.

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