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DK submitting bill to lawmakers to ‘restore rule of law’

DK is submitting a package of legislation to parliament that aims to "restore the rule of law", the deputy head of the opposition party's parliamentary group told MTI on Sunday.

Gergely Arato said in a statement that the Orban government had “dismantled” the democratic Hungarian rule of law “that still functioned before 2010”, adding that is “one of the reasons” Hungary hasn’t accessed its European Union funding.

DK’s package of legislation is a “guarantee” of the restoration of the rule of law, one that EU leaders won’t see as “posturing in the hope of getting money that can be stolen”, he said.

The package would have Hungary join the European Public Prosecutor’s Office, make the courts and the prosecutor general politically independent, modify the “restricted operation” of the Constitutional Court and restore “balanced information and freedom of the press”, he added.

The proposed law would also allow officials appointed “in a manner not in line with the rule of law” to be recalled, Arato said.

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