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DK queries government members in connection with sale of Mol shares

Did government members and their relatives sell shares in Hungarian oil and gas company MOL shortly before the cabinet's decision to cap fuel prices, is a question the opposition Democratic Coalition says it wants answered.

Laszlo Varju, the party’s deputy leader told an online press briefing on Monday that DK had written government members in the hope of finding out.

Jozsef Molnar, MOL’s chief executive, sold company shares worth over 200 million forints (EUR 545,000) on Nov.8.

“Three days later, Gergely Gulyas, the prime minister’s chief of staff, announced the cap on fuel prices which obviously resulted in a weakening of MOL shares,” Varju said.

Varju, who is the chairman of parliament’s budget committee, said Molnar’s move “raises suspicion of insider trading”, adding that state companies “controlled directly by Fidesz and Viktor Orban are not only unethical, but don’t even care whether they appear ethical or not.”

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