Lake Ferto – Photo: wikipedia

DK proposes special status for Lake Ferto

The opposition Democratic Coalition proposes that Lake Ferto, located on the Austrian-Hungarian border, should be given special status in Hungary similar to the protection it enjoys in Austria so that no investments damaging the natural environment can be made there, lawmaker Olivio Kocsis-Cake told a press conference broadcast from the shore of the lake on Sunday.

Kocsis-Cake called the lake “Hungary’s most valuable natural treasure”.

He said that in recent years, the Fidesz government had started destroying the area around the lake, which was used for recreation by many families.

Zoltan Simon, the party’s local municipal deputy, said the stilt houses that had been there for decades had been destroyed, and a marina with berths for hundreds of yachts and a “reinforced concrete hotel” were under construction on the shore.

Simon called this “unacceptable” and said his party was committed to protecting Lake Ferto.

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