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DK proposes measures to fight inflation

Opposition DK is proposing a series of measures to fight inflation, MEP Csaba Molnar said on Monday.

Molnar told an online press conference that VAT should be scrapped on some certain foodstuffs, and VAT on gas and electricity reduced to 5 percent until the end of the year. Additionally, the party proposes freezing system utilisation fees, he said.

He called for increasing taxes for companies “that genuinely gain extra profits”, citing casinos as an example.

Molnar proposed the introducion of the European Union minimum wage in Hungary and quarterly pension adjustments instead of the current annual pension increase. Additionally, DK calls for a 5 percent extra pension increase with retroactive effect to January, he said.

Hungary should join the European Prosecutor’s Office in order to regain international market confidence, “systemic corruption” must be eliminated, the indepence of the judiciary restored and a target date for euro introduction set, he added.

He also called for capping the VAT on fuel at 5 percent for private individuals, and also reducing the excise tax on fuel.

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