Olga Kalman - Photo: MTI

DK proposes joint opposition list for local council elections

The Democratic Coalition proposes that "democratic opposition" parties should run on a joint list in Budapest at the 2024 local elections, the party's group speaker said on Tuesday.

Olga Kalman told an online press conference that ruling Fidesz had made it clear in parliament’s house committee that it would include on the agenda Mi Hazank’s proposal according to which next year’s local council elections in Budapest should be changed to a list-based system.

Kalman said it was actually not Mi Hazank but Fidesz “that wanted to change the Budapest elections” considering, she added, that the ruling party had never put any proposals from the opposition onto the agenda. Mi Hazank “has only played its usual role of Fidesz stooge,” she added.

Hardly more than six months ahead of the elections, Fidesz, she said, wanted to dampen its “more-than-likely local council defeat in Budapest” by changing the rules. The amendment would result in the same rules being applied at the local council elections as those used in parliamentary elections, “so if the opposition parties want a joint candidate for mayor, they must run on the same list”, she added.

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