The University of Pecs - Photo: wikipedia

DK proposes committee session over Erasmus issue

The opposition Democratic Coalition (DK) has proposed convening parliament's cultural committee to discuss the European Union's withdrawal of Hungary's Erasmus higher education funding, DK MP Olga Kalman told an online press conference on Saturday.

Kalman said the European Commission had warned the Hungarian government in advance that “Hungarian universities cannot be controlled by foundations associated with ruling Fidesz”, and insisted that “neither Prime Minister Viktor Orb├ín nor Fidesz politicians sitting on the boards of trustees of universities care.”

Kalman, a deputy head of the committee, said she wanted the body to hear the interior, regional development, and justice ministers on the matter of “how many researchers they have destroyed and how many dreams of students they have smashed”.

“DK wants to know when all Fidesz politicians have resigned from their positions on the boards of trustees,” she said.

DK is working to ensure that Hungarian universities can again participate in the international higher education programme and Hungarian students have access to student exchange schemes, she said.

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