DK proposes changing constitution to facilitate corruption lawsuits

The opposition Democratic Coalition (DK) is tabling a new constitutional amendment aimed at making it possible to raise corruption cases in court if the public prosecutor refuses to press charges. DK said its move is in reaction to a government "charade" which saw a similar law referred to the top court.

Lawmakers approved an amendment to the Criminal Procedure Act on enforcement of charges on Monday, only to submit it to the Constitutional Court for scrutiny at the government’s request, the leftist party’s director, Laszlo Sebian-Petrovszki, told an online press briefing on Tuesday. He accused the law’s sponsors of “deliberately drafting the bill to be anti-constitutional” to ensure that the court strikes it down.

“Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is getting the Constitutional Court to scrap his own law, then he can tell the European Commission that he did everything he could,” he insisted.

“DK does not think that Monday’s legislation is good or that it could replace joining the European Prosecutor’s Office,” Sebian-Petrovszki said, adding that their constitutional amendment proposal was aimed at “revealing the charade Fidesz and the Constitutional Court have staged”.

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