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DK pledges to call political leaders to account

Once a new government has come to power in Hungary, several members of the government in office will be taken to court for what they did or failed to do during the coronavirus epidemic, a lawmaker of the opposition Democratic Coalition (DK) said on Wednesday.

Over the past few weeks Hungary has topped the global list of coronavirus-related mortality with its cases fatality reaching 20,000, deputy group leader Gergely Arato told an online news conference, calling the past 24 hours “another black day” with 302 victims reported.

“It is high time to speak about the responsibility of the government with the poorest performance in the fight against the pandemic,” he said.

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, Prime Minister’s Office chief Gergely Gulyas, Human Resources Minister Miklos Kasler and Interior Minister Sandor Pinter will have to be taken to an independent court, Arato said.

In response, ruling Fidesz group leader Mate Kocsis said on Facebook in a message addressed to DK politicians “and all anti-vaxxers” that left-wingers had started their campaign by attacking the registration for vaccination, then accused professionals involved in licencing vaccines of telling lies, attacked vaccine procurements and certain “Gyurcsany-party mayors” went as far as locking vaccines away from locals.

Kocsis also blamed the left wing for every death among people they had convinced not to accept or trust vaccines.

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