Klara Dobrev at the plenary session of the European Parliament

DK: Orbán regime threatens with ‘tragedy for nation’s future’

If Prime Minister Viktor Orbán moves Hungary a single step closer to losing European Union membership, then "millions of us will be out in the streets", MEP of opposition DK Klara Dobrev said on Friday.

The DK shadow cabinet leader told an online press conference that according to “a recording” published on Friday from a press meeting held behind closed doors, Orbán said “word for word” that “I wouldn’t want Hungary in the EU”.

Dobrev said that after 12 years of wielding “absolute power”, the Orbán regime had reached the point where it was “threatening the nation’s future” in a bid to stay in power. She added that the shadow government would not allow Hungary “to suffer such a tragedy”.

In response, Zoltan Kovacs, the state secretary for international communications and relations, said on Facebook that the “dollar left, as we have seen many times in recent years … is doing what its principal expects of it”. “This time, they are spreading lies about the prime minister,” he added.

“Viktor Orbán’s position on Hungary’s EU membership is well-known and clear as he talked about it in a speech presenting his programme after last year’s elections: membership … is in Hungary’s national interest,” he said.

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