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DK not to support Fidesz’s anti-corruption drafts

The opposition Democratic Coalition will not support ruling Fidesz's corruption-related proposals now before parliament, an MP of the party said on Sunday, adding that the drafts would result in "pseudo-measures".

Laszlo Sebian-Petrovszki said the package was aimed at accessing European Union funds “which could then be stolen”. Prime Minister Viktor Orban “wants to make the European Commission believe that he would put an end to looting community funds”, he insisted, adding that “they try to keep up appearances of the rule of law, independence of the judiciary and a fight against corruption”. “DK will not support those appearances”, he said.

DK does not support setting up an Integrity Authority, nor another draft under which “Fidesz’s ministers and deputies could continue sitting on the boards of foundations set up using public funds”, he said.

“If the government wanted real change, it would support Hungary’s joining the European Prosecutor’s Office, it would make courts and prosecutor’s offices independent, and it would restore the balance of the media and freedom of the press,” he said.

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