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DK MEP: Government voted for further EU weapon deliveries to Ukraine

While the government has supported the EU's recent decision on further weapons deliveries to Ukraine, it has mounted a "mendacious billboard campaign against opposition parties and politicians" accusing them of being pro-war, an MEP of the opposition Democratic Coalition said on Tuesday.

Csaba Molnar told an online press conference that Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto had also voted in favour of increasing the EU’s financial framework covering additional weapons deliveries to Ukraine by 3.5 billion euros.

He noted that while the Hungarian prime minister had already voted for 11 packages of EU sanctions, he “incites against the EU” at home. “Viktor Orb├ín is unrestrained in lying to Hungarians about the war, sanctions and inflation,” Molnar said.

Ruling Fidesz said in response that DK leader Ferenc Gyurcsany and “the dollar left” were “pro-war to the fullest possible degree”. They have stated clearly on many occasions that they would send weapons and even troops to Ukraine, the party said in a statement.

“The Gyurcsany camp keeps lying and trying to drag Hungary into the war because this is what they are being paid for in cash from abroad,” they said.

Fidesz and the allied ruling Christian Democrats however will not yield to any pressure by the pro-war left and will firmly maintain its pro-peace position, it said.

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