Ferenc Gyurcsany – Photo: Facebook

DK leader Gyurcsany: ‘There is an alternative to incumbent government’

Opposition parties need to show Hungarians that there is an alternative to the incumbent government and that it is possible to build a different state, the leader of the opposition Democratic Coalition (DK) told a rally on Friday.

DK has set its tasks driven by the realisation that the country needs a new government, fair politics, competent and trustworthy women and men, Ferenc Gyurcsany said. “We need to create a country that does not want to fight a war with ghosts and falsehoods, a country that wants to create peace in its own affairs, in human relationships, and in the world,” he said. He said they wanted a country that “sought friends, partners and others countries to cooperate with”.

He asked people “to take back their own state”.

Gyurcsany, who was prime minister between 2004 and 2009, criticised incumbent Prime Minister Viktor Orban as a leader under whose tenure the country’s economy had been shattered and the people had slipped into an existential crisis.

Concerning economic problems, Gyurcsany said that the purchasing value of the forint was deteriorating at a faster rate than that of any other national or the common currency in Europe and the average rate of inflation would be higher this year than in 2022.

In reaction to the DK leader’s speech, the group-leader of ruling Fidesz said Hungary does not want the Gyurcsany era, saying that that government had stripped Hungarians of one month’s pension and wages. It also scrapped family allowances and pushed the country into near bankruptcy, Mate Kocsis said.

“That government was commanded from abroad, sold out the country’s national assets and obeyed the orders of the multinational companies,” Kocsis said on Facebook. Gyurcsany’s speech launched a campaign dictated by the international left “which wants a different Hungary”, one that is “obviously pro-migration and pro-war, and is swamped in a gender-madness”, one that “wants to be seen as an eminent country in the eyes of the liberals of Brussels and the United States”.

“The bad news for them is this: We will not let that happen!” Kocsis said.

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