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Fidesz dubs DK's initiative a "campaign of death"

DK launches petition for free vaccine choice

The Democratic Coalition (DK) is launching a petition demanding that people be allowed to pick the Covid-19 vaccine they prefer without being put at any disadvantage, the deputy leader of the opposition party's parliamentary group said on Sunday.

Gergely Arato told an online press conference that the petition had become necessary after governing Fidesz rejected DK’s bill on the matter in parliament.

He said that “we European Hungarians” demand that the government allow people to decide which vaccination they trust.

“Those 133 brave people who let themselves be inoculated with a Chinese vaccine that hasn’t been reviewed and hasn’t been licenced by the European Medicines Agency are welcome to do so if they have so much faith in the vaccine,” he added.

In a response to Arato’s remarks, Fidesz said the “parties of the Gyurcsany list” are “stirring up distrust in vaccines, even though people are dying because they’re in short supply”. Fidesz dubbed DK’s initiative a “campaign of death”.

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