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DK initiates changes to law on presidents’ benefits

The opposition Democratic Coalition (DK) on Saturday said it is initiating a legislative amendment that would make presidents who fail to complete their term due to a resignation or a removal from office ineligible for post-presidency benefits.

Presidents who fail to serve their full term “shouldn’t receive a lifetime five million forint (EUR 12,980) allowance or have access to a service apartment, a three-member secretariat, free and special health care, a car with a driver and more than 70 million forints a year to give to charity”, a statement from DK quoted Klara Dobrev, the top-ranked MEP joint candidate for DK, the Socialists and Parbeszed, as telling a press conference.

The only exceptions, she said, would be presidents resigning due to ill health.

“Presidents who see out their term already cost enough money for Hungarian taxpayers, and this shouldn’t be granted to those who fail,” Dobrev said.

She said the bill in question will be submitted to parliament by DK, adding that they were asking “all parliamentary democratic opposition parties” for their support.

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