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DK: Hungary’s electricity dearest in EU

Electricity in Hungary is the most expensive in the whole of the European Union, an opposition Democratic Coalition politician said on Tuesday.

One megawatt-hour of electricity costs 113 euros in the Czech Republic, 74 euros in Germany, and 229 euros in Hungary, Laszlo Varju, the party’s deputy leader, told an online press briefing, citing a recent report.

He said the report’s data also indicated that neither the war in Ukraine nor the sanctions against Russia had caused a significant energy crisis in Europe, insisting that Hungary was an outlier owing to the government’s “brutal” increase in household energy bills.

Ruling Fidesz said in response that household electricity in Hungary was the cheapest in the EU. “Gyurcsany and company haven’t changed: they are lying hypocrites,” the statement said. “Hungarian families are among those best protected from sanctions-related price hikes, and household electricity and gas is the cheapest in the EU,” it said.

During his tenure as prime minister, Democratic Coalition leader Ferenc Gyurcsany raised utility costs fifteen times, and doubled electricity and tripled gas prices, it said. They are still trying to cancel the government’s utility price cut scheme, the statement added.

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