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DK: Hungarian couples ‘flee abroad’ after nationalisation of fertility clinics

The opposition Democratic Coalition (DK) slammed the planned nationalisation of fertility clinics and said Hungarian couples are "fleeing abroad" anticipating an overwhelmed system and too much red tape, a board member said on Wednesday.

Judit Foldi Racz told an online press conference that even though the “ban” on private fertility clinics will come in force next summer only, “masses of Hungarian couples” are already checking in at foreign clinics.

She described the decision to nationalise clinics as irrational and outdated, reflecting a “medieval approach”. The state will not be able to fulfil the task and Hungarian couples “know that under state care they could end up having to wait for years,” she said.

Should a change of government takes place in 2020, all families will receive the support that “the Orban government robbed from them in the past more than ten years,” Foldi Racz said.

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